Reasons I am queasy with excitement: the short version.

1. I am going to Amsterdam.

1a. With Melissa!

1b. And my dad! (Who is not going for free, so no angry letters about WHY ARE OLD MEN WITHOUT BLOGS BEING PAID TO TRAVEL)

2. We are selling our place.

3. We are moving to New Jersey.

4. We will no longer live in Brooklyn. We are doing what we said we wouldn't do.

5. We will live in a house. A nice house. We will live near our friends. We will have a yard and a good school for Henry.

6. But still! We will not live near our other friends! Why do we have to have friends! And also we won't be in Brooklyn!

7. I'm okay. I'm okay. I WILL BE OKAY.

So as you can see: I am not pregnant, nor am I rolling in money from any book deal. Yet.