Seriously, I'd like some breakfast. Anyone? [Update! See bottom of post!]

I'm up at 5:30 am writing this, which is not something I'm doing for fun, because the only thing I do at 5:30 for fun is sleep or sleep-eat. But I happened to wake up at 4 in a mild panic about All The Things, my ever-growing list of work obligations, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something important I said I'd do. And now everyone is mad at me. (If I ever write a memoir I'm going to title it "Everyone is Mad at Me." Don't steal that! That's mine!)

It's great to have a huge work load, I know. I've had plenty of early-morning panics about not having enough work. This is better. I am okay with all the work; it's the NUMBER of different projects that I can't seem to wrap my head around. It's giving me a temporary case of ADD, an obsessive need to write list after list, and a strong yearning for a butler, or a chef. A chef-butler. At least someone to make me breakfast.

In the middle of all of this I'm trying to get off a Big Project off the ground, which I hope to unveil in a couple of weeks. Forgive me for being so secretive. I will remain alive for a while so that I may shortly reveal all. That is my pledge to you. ("I Will Remain Alive" is my second memoir title, written when I am frighteningly old. The cover will be a close-up of one of my eyes. When I die all the copies of the book will burst into flame. I've thought this through.)

In the meantime, here's a watercolor I did recently.
St. Nicholas Carpatho, East Village

And another!

Tree, winter

I could do nothing but paint all the time. I love it so much. I think I'm an art nerd. Is that a thing? I'm walking around with the dog and I see a gnarled, stumpy tree and all I want to do is draw it. All the dog wants to do is pee on it. And then I want to draw the dog peeing. And then I do. I need help. Or art supplies! That shit is pricey.