Suggested Reading #1

Here's a new regular feature! I read a shit-ton of books, so why not, I asked myself, share the ones I like? Why not?

This week I read more than usual because of my brain's decision to keep me from falling asleep. Thanks a lot, brain. I don't think these choices helped me, particularly. In the future, I need to choose more boring books. Which I will then not recommend to you. Unless you are also suffering from insomnia. I think that's going to have to be a different feature, however. This is getting really confusing. Or is it just my sleep deprivation?

Lovely. The moment I finished I wanted to re-read. It was 4 am. I decided to hold off for another day.

Sarah Silverman loves doodies and farts, and I love her.

Yes. Not as good as The Magicians, but still damn satisfying. You read The Magicians, right?

Reaffirming my decision to never ever climb anything higher than a few flights of stairs.

Aaand now I'm all out of books to read. So. What are you reading? Gimme. Ideas, that is. You don't need to send me books.

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