T minus fifteen

No way has it been twelve days since the last time I posted. Stop lying to me, blog.

Speaking of days-since-or-until-whatever, in fifteen days our book comes out. Fifteen. Five. Plus teen. TWO WEEKS AND A DAY. I am both excited and also I feel like I might throw up, a lot, at any given moment. Which partially explains why I haven't been posting as regularly as I prefer. When I'm not fighting the throw-up urge I'm emailing people and shamelessly pimping out the book on Twitter. So far everyone's been exceedingly tolerant, but I expect they'll grow tired of me eventually.

So! Have you pre-ordered your copy? (That's an affiliate link, by the way. Which means I get, I don't know, .02 cents for every order? Unclear.) Of course you've pre-ordered! What a silly question. I can't believe I even asked. Please forgive me.

So we've been awfully busy doing I'm not sure what. Running in circles? Planning stuff? Fretting? At any rate, I am now, tonight, Valentine's Evening, so tired I could cry. And listen--I'm not going to lie to you, I've had some wine. I think this means I'm officially drunk-blogging. It's my first time! Okay, I'm not drunk. But definitely a little tipsy, whether from the half-glass of wine I had (Melissa is rolling her eyes so hard right now) or the possibly terminal exhaustion.

Have you seen what Scott did, to promote the book? He created this book trailer, is what. (Yes, writers have "book trailers," now. Like it's not enough we wrote a book. We also have to make a movie.) Scott's a film editor by trade, so it was very convenient that I married him. When Eden and I told him we wanted his help creating an educational filmstrip about the book, he was all, "Allow me." And we were like, "Do you want a script?" And he went, "No I do not. Do not worry your little heads over a script, for I have Ideas." Then he went ahead and did this. We had almost nothing to do with it. This, you guys, is a work of art. You can't imagine how much work went into it. Try and imagine it. WRONG. More.

Maybe I had an entire glass of wine? Anyway, here you go:

Pretty amazing, right?

Some people who watched it had questions. Like so:

Q.: Who did the narration?
A.: If you don't get it right away, then the photo at the very end should provide a really obvious clue. If you still don't get it, ask a friendly grown-up!

Q: Wow, who'd you get to do that impersonation?
A: That's not an impersonation. That's the real deal.

Q: Huh? But how...but...where did you find that audio clip?
A: There was no single audio clip, my adorable friend; there were countless clips, some of them one word long, which my husband manipulated expertly, as is his way.

Q: Why is Scott not a ridiculously famous film editor like that Thelma whatshername who edits all of Marty Scorcese's films? And by the way I call him Marty because we're close friends.
A: I ask myself that constantly, Friend of Marty. I believe it'll happen soon enough.