I have them! Tears! The tears are right behind my eyes, and they're ready to come out! I have no idea why. I'm just filled with emotion. Oh, LIFE!

Whenever  I get like this, I go to Scott for comfort/advice and he raises an eyebrow and cocks his head at the calendar, and then I kick him again and again until he apologizes and swears he'll never again blame my deep emotional turmoil on hormonal shifts.

Actually I storm away and then two hours later I get my period and DAMN IT.

But that's not true this time! And I'm not sad or cranky, just overflowing with...with something. I don't know what! Life! So beautiful! SOB!

Okay, maybe it's because I forgot to get my Prozac refilled and I missed it for two straight days.

But oh, Lord, last night Henry asked us what we imagined heaven was like, and then I asked him, and he said it would be like the Bahamas and there would be all the Legos he could ask for and now I can't write more because I'm already tearing up. I CANNOT IMAGINE MY BOY'S HEAVEN. No. Won't do it. I had to run and hide in the bathroom while Scott and Henry ate dinner and discussed the afterlife like that was okay.

He is so sweet right now. When he's not driving us crazy, that is. Of course. My boy! Why didn't I have twelve just like him! He's getting too big to cuddle! He lost another tooth last night! A baby tooth, not an adult tooth! His adult teeth are not rotting out of his mouth! I really can't stop using exclamation points! I think I have a disease!

Please tell me something that will make me laugh. Hurry!