Thanks for nothing, Nature

All is fine here in the Finslippy household. Unlike so many other people, we have power. We didn't have any flooding or serious damage. We are so very lucky. But holy cow, was that ever not a thing that we enjoyed. Never in my life did I imagine I'd worry about the roof over our heads tearing right off. Turns out I didn't like it. I do not recommend it even a little.

You know, natural disasters are not a thing you expect when you live in the city of New York. We live here specifically because we do not prefer to consort with Nature. We don't live in the Midwest because of the whole tornado thing. We don't live on the West Coast because of when the Big One hits and that whole section of the country slides into the sea. (Sorry, guys.) We don't live in the South because, I don't know, scorpions and shit. I mean, yes, there are other reasons for us to live here, like our jobs and our families and whatever, but mostly we're avoiding the rattlesnakes and the mudslides and the awesome powers of dangerous, terrible Nature. Nature and her many spiders, most of which want to kill us. (I think.) (I may not be right about that.)

So instead of living in God's country, where we could stand in awe of Gaia and her bounty/wrath, we live in God-has-forsaken-us country, where we don't have natural vistas but we *do* have the assurance that we'll never look upon our vista and see an avalanche bearing down on us. In the summer it smells like garbage, sure, but as recompense we don't get forest fires.That was the deal. We had a deal, Nature! (I think I was wrong about the deal. Granted, it was sort of an unspoken thing.)

I hope that from now on we only have to deal with rats and religious pamphleteers, but all signs point to "nope." I think we might need to find someplace less disaster-prone, like the Earth's core. Is that an option? Anyone looking into that?

At any rate, we're okay. I'm so thankful we ended up okay. I hope with all my heart that you're okay, as well. If you can help out, please join me in donating to the Red Cross.