The Practice of Writing #3: Registration is now open! (Update: RE-opened)

UPDATE: I mistakenly set up the course registration to end...yesterday. Whoopsies. If you tried to register and it told you registration was over, you have my apologies. Try again--it will work now.

For THIS one, I've joined forces with Ruzuku, an online learning platform, to host the course (and, I hope, other kinds of courses, down the line). The great thing about Ruzuku is...well, there are all kinds of great things. Their support frees me of numerous technical headaches and allows me to focus on the lessons and my students (i.e. the only things that matter). Plus the course just looks better; it's better organized, thanks to their system, and there's a discussion forum for each lesson. And I can keep track of each students' progress. It's great.

I've updated the course information page, so check it out, if you're interested. If you click on the enrollment link it will bring you over to the Ruzuku registration page. Payment is still through PayPal. Please note that the course price is now $150. Unlike the previous iterations, registration is now limited. I've been getting huge groups, which is great, but I want to be able to give more personalized support, so I need to keep the size a bit more manageable. If you're interested, I recommend signing up as soon as you can!