Time for art!

Because it's always time for art, is it not?

It is also time to move my junior high pictures away from the top of the page, where they are hurting everyone. Or me. They're hurting me.

Here's some stuff I made! I now have a Zazzle store, which features a couple of these, if you want to buy a print or a card. Or postage stamps!

I've been experimenting with my new brush pen, which is now the only thing I will ever use to sketch my cat. It perfectly captures her bonkers essence.

mad cat

Here she's all pissy with me because I kept poking her with my pen. Which in my defense was to keep her from chewing on my sketchbook, which in her defense she was doing because I hadn't fed her. Ours is a complicated relationship.

cat is my muse

Then she was enamored of a bird outside the window and I was enamored of her crazy eyeballs.

Once the cat was fed she stopped bugging me, so here is a typewriter! Typewriters do not chew on your sketchbook when you're trying to Create. In reality it's black, but that's no fun. This was also drawn with the brush pen. (Plus some watercolor.) That pen is the very best.


And then I sketched this, from some construction they're doing at my subway stop.


I tried to make a Real Watercolor of the above image, without using pen first, and caa-aarefully laying down layers of paint, going from light to dark, all that shit they tell you to do. And it sucked. Absolutely looked terrible and dead and boring. So then I scribbled this in my sketchbook and slapped some paint on it, and it's not perfect but I LIKE IT. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is, except maybe Only Do It If It's Fun.