Unlocking the hidden code of the crossing lights.

Scott K.: We can’t go yet—we have to wait for the white man.

Sarah: Walking guy, Scott. We wait for the walking guy.

Scott K.: What’s wrong with white man?

Sarah: You don’t want to tell your daughter “Wait for the white man!”

Alice: Always wait for the white man!

Scott K.: The white man will show you the way.

Sarah: Don’t move until the white man tells you!

Sarah: Yeah, so, it’s the walking guy and the red hand.

Alice: Although come to think of it, “red hand” is also pretty racist.

Scott K.: The red hand will stop you.

Alice: My mother calls the walking guy the white lady.

Sarah: It could be a lady. We’re so sexist.

Alice: It should be “the non-gender-specific walking figure” and “the upturned palm.”

Henry: GO.