We all have a face that we hide away forever

"And that's when Billy Joel touched me... in my heart." Photo by Spencer Ritenour.

I did this show a couple of weeks ago called the Soundtrack Series. It was fun, and terrifying. I love doing readings, but this was my first time storytelling, without all the words written on paper so I could remember what to say. I was about 80% sure that I would forget my story and cry until someone came up and led me off the stage. Fortunately, I was wrong, and all went according to plan.

For the show, each storyteller picks a song and discusses the memories they associate with it. When I was asked I knew right away the story I would tell. Here, for your enjoyment, is the story of THE STRANGER, my ill-fated Billy Joel musical. It's only eight minutes. LISTEN.

And now let's discuss my hair, which is out of control. I'm trying to grow it out, and it's...it's getting so big. No matter how I tamp it down, it sproings up again. I can't remember how to have more than two inches of hair. It's been a while. I also don't remember if I always had curly/wavy hair or if this is a new thing. (That's how long it's been.) This hair certainly seems different than the hair I remember from my youth, and not just because it's gray. Did pregnancy change my hair? Stress? Drugs? Magic?