We are having a rough time.

Wow, is winter break a terrible idea! Way to come up with terrible ideas, school system! Let’s take the bleakest, coldest, most hopeless week of the year, when it’s almost impossible to motivate yourself to do anything unless you absolutely have to, and give the kids some time off so they can sit inside with their parents and everyone has endless, unscheduled hours in which to argue! Let’s make sure it’s right when Alice and Eden’s book is due!

Okay, it’s possible the school system never factored my book-writing into their schedule. I mean, I guess. I do suspect they’re secretly out to get me, but whatever.

Note to future self: PLAN A VACATION FOR WINTER BREAK. Do not stay home! Do not forget about winter break, because it’s such an insane idea that you seem to scrub it from your memory each year, and when you finally do remember don’t decide to “just hang out;” do not envision hot cocoa and quiet playtime and cozy hours completing jigsaw puzzles! For lo, it shall not happen; the child will be in a midwinter funk and will only want to watch television and lie on the ground with his pants off (and then complain that he’s too cold); you will all be depressed and gritchy, and will fight and nitpick and whine. You will don the same pilly gray sweater and torn sagging jeans that it feels like you’ve been wearing since the day you were born, and you will look for a quiet corner in which to retreat, but the only place is your arctic bedroom, which is full of detritus and other reminders that you need to clean and launder and etc., but you don’t have the time for those things, so instead you will burrow under some blankets and write a blog post and snivel.

Next year, a vacation. Even if we have to sell a couple of kidneys to get it.