We do kick him out when it's Mommy/Daddy Sheet Monster Time

I'm going to conclude the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge series tomorrow (I needed a break today--reliving those years is causing me to both gnash my teeth and rend my garments. I'm running out of garments! And teeth!), but before that, let's talk about my essay in the April issue of Ladies' Home Journal.


The essay deals with Charlie's penchant for sleeping in between me and Scott. Under the covers. Which got a little complicated (although, it turned out, not impossible) when he had to wear a cone.


I love the way the piece turned out, and the photos may cause my heart to burst. (The medical authorities have been put on alert.) An unexpected bonus has been the nice emails from LHJ readers. NONE of them have threatened me with 1)legal action or 2) prayer, which puts them well above the Good Housekeeping crowd, or at least the readers who bothered to write (okay, there were just two of them. But a thing like that, it stays with a person).

Anyway. Welcome, new people! Please do not be frightened by my grade-school photos. Regular programming (poop jokes, neurotic rants, cat monologues) will return next week.

Tomorrow is my last post for DonorsChoose. I promise to cover both eighth and ninth grade. And, hell, beyond. Because I can't end this with my ninth grade photo. I cannot. I WILL NOT.