Where I was

My mom's 75th birthday wish was to embark on a "psychonautic journey" with her youngest, and I don't know, we were in the desert and there was peyote, and I had no idea a vision quest would or could go on for that long! I sure haven't eaten in many days! And wow, my head. That was too much drumming!

(Is it "take" peyote? Eat? DROP? I am not schooled in the hallucinogenic terminology.)

(Have I ever told you how Henry says "eat" drugs? As in, "I heard it's bad to eat drugs"? This is something I will never correct him on. I am counting on him saying this well past an age where it would be appropriate. And then he's in high school and he says to one of those dangerous drug-taking kids--the kind I hung out with, but never mind--"Hey, man, I'm down with eating drugs" and they never let him live it down and from then on he's afraid too talk to anyone who knows about drugs, much less try anything himself. This is my hope for him. I'm sure that someday he will write a memoir and he'll include this tidbit, and I'll either be vilified for ruining his social standing or praised for my savvy parenting. Or both! I really don't care.)

(I also hope he never stops saying "cock-a-roach," because that is fantastic. Also he seems so confident and cheerful when he pronounces it like that. Please understand that if he were struggling with a word, I'd help him out. For instance, he has a hard time with the words "peculiar" and "familiar," and I don't point and laugh if he stumbles over them. No! I say the word correctly and then I sigh and check my watch.)

(As if I would do that. I don't even wear a watch.)

(For the record, when I was little I struggled with the word "Saturday," when I was a kid, like it gave me a panic attack if I had to say it. I had this mild Long Island accent that horrified me, so when I said Saturday it sounded like "Sat-ih-day" and that was unacceptable to me. I was in college before I could say "Saturday Night Live" without breaking into a sweat.)

(Anyway, as I was saying. Ouch. I should have just chipped in to buy her an iPad. On the other hand I am now intimately familiar with my totem animal.) 

(Back soon with something not-made-up.)