Who wants to read my May Redbook column? You do, suckers!

Of course it's possible you don't have any interest in it at all. Listen, all I'm saying is if you do, you can. No pressure. You look pretty today.




Well before I became a parent, I could have guessed that raising a child would involve, in addition to much joy, its fair share of sadness. I mean, I'd seen plenty of commercials where parents watch their kids leave home. I had heard "Sunrise, Sunset." I'd been warned there would be a time to let go and that the moment would be bittersweet. But I pictured this letting-go happening once, maybe twice: on my child's first day of school, and the day he drove off to college. My husband and I would wave good-bye as we stood arm in arm, our hair graying tastefully. I'd be wearing a sweater set and pearls. I had it all worked out.


Here's the rest.

The next time I write I will be telling you about our great new apartment. The only thing missing from the story is the part where we sign the lease, which I am hoping happens soon. Right now would be nice. Or now.