Who wants to see a kitten?

You do! Yes!

Hello. I'm Izzy.

This is Izzy. She's eight weeks old, and if I do say so myself, she is the best cat in the universe.

I mean, look:

Izzy, approximately five minutes after adoption

Five minutes after we tore her from her mother's arms (okay: put her in a cat carrier while her mother watched in disinterest), she was asleep on my lap. I've never seen a kitten so mellow. You can pick her up while she's right in the middle of gutting a cat toy, and she'll immediately go limp in your arms and purr loudly enough to wake the neighbors.

You want her. Don't deny it. You're embarrassing yourself. But it's too late. She is mine.

Wuzza wuzza kitty playing.

I mean, ours. She's ours. Is what I meant.