Who wrote a book?

I did! With Eden! Hey everyone, Eden and I finished our book!

I could have sworn I wrote about this when it happened, but I see that in fact I did not. How could I have let this slip past unmentioned? That was insane of me.

The book was due March 1st, and we emailed the entire honking manuscript sometimes in the wee hours of the morning that day. The last few weeks of work were much less painful than I had been led to believe they would be, I have to say. I was told to expect not showering and not eating and wearing my pajamas inside-out and possibly some stress-induced migraines, maybe some spontaneous fear-vomiting. I was sure we were doing it wrong, because I wasn't crying or soiling myself.

On the other hand, the relative ease of our last week or so was probably because we had been working for quite a while with a deadline of February 1st. It was only in January that we were told we had another month. So that's my tip to you writers: fool yourself into thinking you have less time. Ask your editor to lie to you, then forget that she's lying, somehow--I'm sure there's a medication that can help you get all forgetsy--then scramble around in a blind, weepy panic, only to find out a couple of weeks before the faux deadline that you really have oodles more time!

I have another tip for you: start a website called "Forgetsy." I don't know what it would be. That's up to you to figure out.