Why, hello there.

I know, I know, when will she update and get something up that's not that uplifting slice-of-life crap, SHEESH. When most of the comments are "Awwww," I know there's a backlash brewing somewhere, a portion of my readership that's retching into their cupped hands.

He's just so cute these days, damn it. A while back I told Henry that I have a terrible problem because all I want to do is hug him, and he told me, "That's not a problem, it's love." Now all I have to do is give him a look and say "Henry" in a plaintive voice, and he says, "Moo-oom, it's just love, don't worry about it." I can't stand it! So cute! A wuzza wuzza!

Okay, I'll stop, okay. But seriously, nothing's going on over here. I'm trying to write this book thing, which means I'm hiding under my desk and rocking back and forth, forth and back. It goes on like that for hours. If I'm sucking my thumb, I won't admit to it, but anyway I certainly am not.

Here's something! The May issue of Wondertime is out, and it contains my essay, which you can see here on their website. The print article has all the cute pictures of Henry and Scott, whereas the web version just has the one picture of me, in which I'm wearing cinnamon buns and looking like something smells terrible. Since the picture was taken in our kitchen, this is more than possible.