Scott began a job Outside the Home last week, and this has taken some getting used to; the hours are long and he comes home right about when Henry and I are passed out in our respective beds. So that's sad. On the other hand, it's a good job, he doesn't work straight through the weekends anymore, and also we don't bicker during the day over Did You Eat All the Leftovers Because Hello That Was My Lunch. On yet another hand I miss him. Henry misses him. Dinnertime is not the same without him. Not to mention I have to walk the dog for all three walks every day and that is bullshit.

I also started a new job, albeit one I can perform at home, which is great, although it means I have to stop working in time for school pickup and then continue upon reentering the home space until dinner and sometimes I'm working WHILE making dinner and that never ends well. I'm enamored with my new gig because it is entirely unrelated to writing; it's just a nice pay-by-the-hour gig that zips right out of my head the moment I'm done and I can even listen to music or podcasts while I'm working. I don't worry about it, I still have the mental energy to think about my own writing, and I don't require monastic silence. This makes it easier once Henry gets home, because senseless noise-making is one of my son's favorite hobbies. And I don't have to be all I AM ON DEADLINE ENOUGH WITH THE BEEP-BOOP NOISES.

In conclusion, all is well. I'm frazzled, but I'm pretty sure it's temporary. Soon I'll figure out a routine, and I'll be able to write more or at least a weekly post or something for God's sake Alice.

How are you guys? I missed you.